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Friends is a non-profit making organisation which raises funds for Bichons in rescue centres throughout the UK.  As well as our general fund we also have a dedicated fund called Kitty's Wish which purely helps ex puppy farm Bichons.  You can read all about where the money is used on our Donations Page.


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The Bichon Frisť (pronounced Bee-shawn Free-say) means "curly coated lap dog".  The Bichon originally descended from the Water Spaniel and the "Barbichon" group consisted of; the Bichon Maltaise (known now as the Maltese), the Bichon Bolognese (known now as the Bolognese), the Bichon Ravenese (known now as the Havanese) and the Bichon Tenerife (known now as the Bichon Frisť).  The breeds were all originally located in the Mediterranean regions.


History indicates that the Bichon was found in the Canary Islands but many believe it was found on the Spanish mainland by sailors who used them to barter with the people of Tenerife. 


The Renaissance found the Bichon Tenerife in Italy and the little dogs quickly became popular pets of Italian nobility.  During the later part of the 15th Century, the French invasion of Italy occurred which saw the Bichon Tenerife being taken to France as prizes.  After that the Bichon Tenerife became popular with many members of royalty including Francis I, Henry III and the Duchess of Alba.


Although there was one Kennel Club registered Bichon in the United Kingdom (1957), the start of the breed over here was in 1973 when Mr & Mrs Sorstein emigrated from the United States bringing a bitch and dog with them.  They bred these two dogs and the first litter born in the United Kingdom was in 1974.  The rest, as they say, is history.


The Bichon Frisť is a real extrovert and his sole role in life is to make those around him happy.  Some have even referred the Bichon as being a bit of a clown. 


The Bichon Frisť loves nothing more than being in a family environment and wants to be part of everything.  Generally they do not enjoy being by themselves as they can become depressed and start nibbling their legs through stress. 


Their coat does take a lot of work particularly when it changes from puppy to adult. If the coat is regularly looked after it is easy to maintain.  When a Bichon joins your family not only are you committing to the life of the dog but also to years of grooming.


They love to learn and are capable of taking part in obedience training, therapy work and agility.  They do not take kindly to overly firm training however, they are very head strong so do need a reasonably firm hand when they are young.  They are a very trainable breed as long as you are consistent with the commands you use and the training routine you have.


All in all the Bichon is a wonderful breed and a joy to live with.

Once you've got the Bichon bug there's no going back!



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